This is me

BeardyBogiHello, I am Christian Buggedei, Human-Geek Relations. You might want to hire me!

Hello, I am Christian Buggedei, Human-Geek Relations. I don’t just do IT – I mediate between the very technical-minded and, well, everyone else.

My work experience spans nearly 20 years, as SysAdmin, Consultant and Department Head with a seat at the Management Board. I know how IT works, from the technical as well as the organisational point of view. I understand and support the more-than-legitimate wants and needs of end users, even though more salty SysAdmins call them “lusers” behind their back.

Today I am the head of, a new approach to have a safe, decentralized and modern online civic space.

Interested? Here is my cv!

Phone : +49-162 24 44 456